What is WESA?

WESA was established as a joint powers authority between the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) and Meeks and Daley Mutual Water Company (Meeks & Daley) in western Riverside County, California. The purpose of WESA is to provide professional water and wastewater service to both agencies. It is expected that as the area develops from its rural roots into a modern suburban community, WESA will need to continue to grow its staff of motivated, exceptional employees.

As a joint powers authority, WESA is better positioned to recruit and retain high quality employees with benefits that surpass what was available through either of its member agencies independently. Primary among the benefit improvements is adoption of a 2.7% at 55 retirement plan through the California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

It is also important to note that WESA will be providing the same high quality labor-related services to both EVMWD and Meeks & Daley at lower cost than either agency would have experienced had WESA not been formed. Such savings are passed on to customers through reductions in future water rate increases.

The WESA Board of Directors and executive staff are progressive and looking to the future in many areas of endeavor. Their long view of continuous improvement gives WESA employees opportunities to be directly involved in initiatives that are pushing technology and management advances in the water industry.

WESA employees are highly qualified water industry professionals that care about their customers and the environment. The WESA team is made up of plant and field operators, construction crews, engineers, accountants, customer service professionals, electricians, mechanics, executives and a host of trades workers and other professionals. Many of WESA’s employees are industry-certified in their fields of expertise.

What WESA Offers