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Wed., Apr 23, 2014   
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News Ann 4
Why does my tap water sometimes appear cloudy?
News Image The EVMWD service area is partially served by wells. Pumping water from our local wells can trap tiny air bubbles that temporarily cause water to appear cloudy. While this may impact the water's appearance, it does not affect the water's safety and will not harm household plumbing systems.

Governor Declares Drought, Calls for Voluntary Water Use Reduction
News Image Gov. Jerry Brown today declared an official drought state of emergency in California and directed state agencies to take a number of actions to respond to drought conditions.

The governor also called on Californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%, and directed residents to Save Our Water a partnership between ACWA and the California Department of Water Resources for ways to reduce household water use, both indoor and outdoor.

Salts and Our Water Supply
News Image One of the most important issues facing water supplies throughout Southern California today is salinity.EVMWD is introducing a special four chapter series to discuss the challenges of salinity.  Visit the Salts and Our Water Supply webpage for information.

New Rate Structure for Fiscal Years 2013-2015
News Image After many years of diligent efforts to maintain stable rates, EVMWD now faces an estimated $2.2 million increase in its costs for imported water from the Metropolitan Water District beginning July 1. The increase, which is affecting water districts across Riverside County and Southern California, necessitated increased rates for EVMWD water and wastewater customers.

EVMWD has initiated many cost-cutting measures to make the increase as minimal as possible. EVMWD has eliminated nine permanent positions and reduced its conservation budget to help offset the imported water costs by $1 million over two years. 

Free Sprinkler Nozzles Still Available!
News Image EVMWD customers can get up to 25 free Toro Precision sprinkler nozzles through an online program run by Western Municipal Water District.  These nozzles are more efficient than regular spray nozzles and can help save you money!  The program will run throughout the year, but why wait? Customers can go to the site to apply, print a voucher, and then redeem that voucher at a participating irrigation supply store.  Program details and nozzle information are available on the program site at


EVMWD encourages its customers to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

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