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Sat., Dec 20, 2014   
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News Ann 4
Two Local School Students Earn Recognition in Southern California- Wide
News Image Brayden O’Brien and Megan Murillo took home top honors at the Metropolitan Water District’s bewaterwise.com annual poster art recognition ceremony.  Just 36 students from over 10,000 entries throughout Southern California were chosen to be featured in the BeWaterWise calendar this year.

Give your sprinklers a break!
News Image With the recent rain, your outdoor landscaping will not need to be watered for 2 weeks. Please turn off all outdoor irrigation and save money and water on your next bill!


Fall Conservation Tips for a Rainy Day!
News Image It is more important than ever to remind everyone that just because we are out of the dry season doesn’t mean the drought is anywhere near over. Remember to change your sprinkler schedule for the cooler season and learn what you can do  your trees survive the drought!

Stage II Alert: Water Use Restrictions
News Image Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District has implemented Stage II of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan for emergency drought conditions, EVMWD is asking customers to help protect our future water supply by taking measures to reduce their water use.


Maintaining Water Quality: EVMWD's Line Flushing Program
News Image Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) routinely opens fire hydrants to blast stagnated water and sediment from local water mains. The presence of fine sediment in the water system poses no public health hazard, however the accumulation of sediment may cause water to become discolored or develop an unpleasant taste and odor

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