“Dark Waters” and Questions About PFAS in Water

The newly-released film “Dark Waters” has brought attention to the effects of PFAS, or (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in water.The movie is based on the events with DuPont in West Virginia where, for a number of years, PFAS leaked out of the DuPont plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, directly into the environment and local waterways. This triggered substantial impacts to the community and DuPont settled personal injury claims for more than $670 million. The movie highlights the efforts of the attorney who took on the case on behalf of residents.


Here’s what you need to know about EVMWD’s efforts to ensure high quality water around the clock:

  • As the steward of our local water supplies, water quality and safety are our top priorities.


  • EVMWD is committed to providing customers with the highest quality water that meets or exceeds all State and Federal Standards. We thoroughly test our water thousands of times per year to ensure that it meets some of the highest water quality standards in the world.


  • PFAS are manmade chemicals resistant to heat and water. Around the world, people are exposed to PFAS through many consumer products, such as makeup, dental floss, food containers and other items we use every day. Water districts do not put these chemicals into water, but over time they have entered our waterways through manufacturing and other means.


  • While low levels of PFAS have been detected in California groundwater supplies, including the Elsinore Valley, the levels and potential impacts we are facing are not comparable to what happened in the communities featured in Dark Waters.


  • While not mandatory, at EVMWD, we are proactively conducting additional well testing to ensure your water meets the Department of Drinking Water’s advised levels for PFAS. Detailed results can be found at .


  • If PFAS are discovered at a reportable level, EVMWD will take immediate and appropriate action to ensure water continues to meet state and federal regulations. We will also notify our customers and the appropriate state and federal officials in this event.


  • While we are concerned about the potential global impacts of PFAS, we want to assure our customers that we are only supplying drinking water that meets all state and federal guidelines.