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Sat., May 23, 2015   
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News in Detail

Residential water wasters who ignore the call to conserve will feel a bigger drain on their wallets after July 1 when EVMWD initiates a rate increase and a new water budget rate structure.

The EVMWD Board of Directors on Thursday adopted the rate increase and the five-block water budget rate structure by a vote of 4 to 1, with Director John Lloyd voting no. Customers will see the new rates when they receive their bills in August.

The overhaul of EVMWD’s rate structure comes as decades of drought and heightened regulatory requirements cause Southern California’s water supplies to dwindle and District energy and operation costs continue to climb.

"Our new water budgets are very fair," said EVMWD Board President Phil Williams. "It shifts the cost of water to those who won’t curtail their wastefulness, although its goal is to promote conservation and efficiency among all of our customers."

The water budget rate structure provides customers with more than enough water to meet their household and landscaping needs. The structure takes into account how many people live in a home, landscape square footage and weather conditions that would dictate how much water is required to maintain healthy plants and trees.

EVMWD calculates Block 1, or the Efficient Indoor Water Budget, using 60 gallons per person per day, a number that is based on multiple studies of water use across the country. The typical household will get 240 gallons per day for indoor use – enough to comfortably meet the needs of a family of four. 

EVMWD calculates Block 2, or the Efficient Outdoor Water Budget, using a formula accounting for the type of plants, local weather, irrigation efficiency and square footage.  Since watering requirements are different throughout the year, outdoor budgets will increase from the winter season (October-April) to the summer season (May-September).  

The typical household, whose home sits on .18 acres or about 7,840 square feet, will get 7.4 CCF or 184 gallons a day in the winter season for outdoor use and 16.6 CCF or 414 gallons a day in the summer season.

Customers who do not exceed their water budgets and remain within blocks one and two should see only moderate changes in their monthly bills. The new structure will impose increasingly higher rates as water consumption surpasses the base water budget. 

Board President Williams said districts with similar water budget rate structures have seen significant declines in water waste. The nearby Irvine Ranch Water District, which has a similar structure, averages 52 percent less consumption than its Orange County counterparts.

"Customers need to know that there is not an unlimited supply of this life-sustaining natural resource," Williams said. "If our customers want to waste it, their costs are going to rise. We hope this change gets everyone thinking about conservation."

( Budget Power Point Presentation )

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