Water Budget Rates

Water Budgets effective July 31, 2015

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EVMWD customers have been on a budget based rate structure since 2010. Research and customer feedback have indicated that this is a fair and equitable method for charging residential and business customers for their usage. EVMWD has simplified the rate structure to four tiers for the residential use.

The updated residential structure reflects the new standard for individual water use

statewide, which is 55 gallons of water, per person, per day. The structure will continue utilizing weather conditions, but will base its formula on a per billing period schedule rather than a monthly for the most accurate account of outdoor water use. Households will receive a water budget for outdoor use based on the irrigated square footage of the property. Above that water budget, inefficient and excessive tiers will cost customers more, because it costs EVMWD more to secure this additional water supply.

Because customers have control over the amount of water they use, these budgeted water rates allow customers to be charged according to the water they use.


How are Water Budgets Determined?

Indoor water budgets are calculated using two factors: 55 gallons of water per person per day and the number of people in the household. Outdoor water budgets are calculated using 3 factors: the right amount of irrigated square footage per parcel; the average daily plant water loss (“evapotranspiration”); and a plant factor of 0.60 that reflects the water needs of plants as guidelines provided by State law. All water used by a residential customer within their assigned indoor and outdoor water budget is billed at the Indoor Use and Outdoor Use rates.

Elsinore Eddie is a typical EVMWD customer. He has been hearing a lot about the drought lately, and is conscientiously doing his part to reduce water use at home.

 Indoor Use

Eddie thinks of his family’s water budget as buckets of water they have for efficient use all month. The first bucket is for essential indoor water use including drinking, cooking and washing.




Outdoor Use

Eddie knows he has limited water in the second tier for outdoor water, and he only uses what he absolutely needs to keep his California friendly landscaped yard looking good all year.





Inefficient Use

When Eddie has variations in his water use because he has house guests or the kids get a hold of the hose on a hot summer day, he slips into the third tier and pays more for that extra bucket of water.




Excessive Use

If Eddie sees that his water use dips into the excessive bucket, he looks for leaks and more ways to reduce his water use. Eddie can also contact EVMWD for a water audit to investigate why his water use is greater than usual.

Your simple efforts can help you save water and money on your bill!

Set water use alerts through EVMWD's new Advanced Meter/ Aquahawk program

Take advantage of rebates available to customers

Attend an upcoming workshop to improve your outdoor water use efficiency


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