Commercial Rebates

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Commercial Landscape Transformation Rebate Program

July 12, 2018 

In partnership with Metropolitan Water District, the new Landscape Transformation Rebate Program provides a rebate to remove turf grass and convert to a water-wise landscape with an incorporation of water-saving plants, irrigation systems, and a sustainable landscape approach.

The rebate amount for commercial properties is $2 per square foot for up to 10,000 square feet. For more information or to apply for the rebate, visit

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Free Urinal Flush Valve Upgrade Program

February 28, 2018 

In partnership with Western Municipal Water District, EVMWD is offering FREE high-quality urinal flush valve upgrades to qualifying sites. As part of new State mandates, all commercial urinals must be replaced with high efficiency urinals using 1.0 gallons per flush or less by 2018.

This program includes:

  • Urinal flush valve device
  • Contractor installation
  • Recycling of old flush valve

This all comes at NO COST to you! To participate or obtain more information, please contact Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc. at 800-597-2835 or