Water Conservation

Conservation Mission:

Wise water use is a partnership between Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District and its customers. Part of EVMWD's mission is to provide knowledge, programs and incentives to achieve water savings not only for customers but for all of Southern California.

Through local events, educational training, rebates and awareness-building campaigns, EVMWD aims to collaborate with the communities it serves to secure our most precious resource. EVMWD's water conservation programs range from the unique, free water saving devices and landscape classes, to regular offerings including home water-wise improvement rebates.

Water Conservation is the single most important tool you can take advantage of to control your water bill. 


Splash into Spring:

EVMWD would like to thank all of our wonderful organizations - Lowe's, UCCE Riverside Master Gardeners, Riverside County Waste Resources, SAWPA, Toro, Quality Growers, and WMWD - for attending our annual Splash into Spring event Saturday, March 24, 2018. It was a great turnout and we appreciate everyone who participated this year. We look forward to another great event next year!



Report Water Waste:

Download the EVMWD App on your cell phone or mobile device to report water waste and access your account and other resources. 

The EVMWD mobile app helps families and businesses #endwaterwaste by reporting anything from broken sprinklers to excess watering throughout the Inland Empire.
**Available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


Conservation Tips:


Entendemos que se dificulta mantenerse dentro de su presupuesto de agua en los meses de invierno cuando son más calurosos y secos que lo normal..

¡EVMWD está aquí para ayudar!

- Ajuste sus rociadores durante la época de invierno y apague su sistema por lo menos 48 horas después de que llueve.

- Ingrese al nuevo sitio de EVMWD sobre el sistema de medidor avanzado, para fijar alertas de consumo de agua.

- Aproveche las rebajas de ahorro de agua de EVMWD.

- Pase a EVMWD durante el horario normal de trabajo y recoja su kit GRATUITO para Conservar Agua en el Hogar.

Conozca más en www.evmwd.com/conservation o llame al (951) 674-3146. Esta información está disponible en español en www.evmwd.com/conservation.