Safe Drinking Water Trust

Safe Drinking Water Trust

(Alternative to the "Water Tax", previously SB 623, SB 845)

In January 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom released a proposed state budget that calls for a tax on drinking water in California.
The proposal, which was included in the governor’s budget for fiscal year 2019-2020, would fund projects and systems improvements in communities where water doesn’t meet the public health standard.
The governor’s proposed Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund is similar to two previous legislative actions that were abandoned.

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) are sponsoring state legislation to create a Safe Drinking Water Trust. Instead of relying on a proposed statewide water tax, the Trust would be funded with General Fund dollars during a state budget surplus year. The net income from the Trust would create a durable funding source that will help community water systems in disadvantaged communities provide access to safe drinking water.

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) supports SB 669 (Caballero), which would create the Safe Drinking Water Trust (Trust) at the state Treasury as opposed to the proposed Statewide water tax. While, the vast majority of Californians have access to safe drinking water, some disadvantaged communities do not. Establishing this Trust would provide a durable funding source to help community water systems in disadvantaged communities provide their customers with access to safe drinking water. The Trust is a better approach than a statewide water tax.

Learn more about Senate Bill 669 and the efforts to bring a sustainable approach to water systems in disadvantaged communities at


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