Don’t be a pain in the drain this holiday season

Are you ready for the feasts of holiday season to begin? With all the delicious recipes that accompany the holiday season, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District shares our secret to keeping your drains free of clogs by properly disposing of fats, oils, and grease (FOG). FOG includes vegetable oils and animal fats such as cooking oil, butter/margarine, lard, meats, gravy, and other sauces used when preparing and cooking meals.

When rinsed down the drain or garbage disposal, FOG can wreak havoc on the sewer system and on the pipes in your home. When fats, oils, and grease are warm, they are in liquid form, but once cooled, they solidify and create build up along pipe walls. This build up in the pipelines may result in clogs and backups at homes and businesses, which can be costly to remove and repair. The FOG also interferes with the public sewer system, which can result in additional maintenance costs.

To properly dispose of FOG products, mix with absorbent waste materials like paper towels, coffee grounds, or kitty litter and place them in the trash. Also, be sure to wipe food scraps from plates and pans then dump them in the trash, rather than down the drain.

Using these simple steps and having your sewer pipes inspected and cleaned periodically to eliminate fats, oils, and grease will ensure a healthy sewer system and a safe environment for our communities. EVMWD wishes you and your pipes a happy, healthy holiday season.

Don’t rush to flush medications

Dispose of unused medications using a pharmaceutical or homemade drug disposal pouch.

EVMWD recommends that customers adhere to Riverside County Department of Waste Resources' guidelines for the proper disposal of medications, which can be found online at

The U.S Food and Drug Administration also provides steps to making your own at-home drug disposal pouch.  Without crushing tablets or capsules, simply mix your medications with dirt, kitty litter, or used coffee grounds; place the mixture in a sealable zip-top plastic bag; and throw the sealed bag away in your household trash.

Return unused medications to a pharmacy. Contact your local pharmacy to see how and where you can return unused pill, liquid, or patch medications.