Ready Eddie! Emergency Preparedness

 Water Emergencies 

We often take our water supply for granted and natural disasters or water emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Following an emergency or natural disaster, clean drinking water may not be available. Though EVMWD will be ready and prepared to address any interruptions in service if a disaster strikes, it is recommended to prepare yourself by building a supply of water that will meet your family's needs during an emergency. 

How Much Water Do I need to Store for an Emergency?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency advises that each family should keep at least one gallon of water per person per day for up to three days. Don't forget extra water for children, nursing mothers, medical needs, and pets. FEMA recommends purchasing bottled water and storing in a cool dry place until needed. The expiration or 'use by' date should be observed when changing out supplies. 

Turning off your meter

If emergencies strike, are you prepared to turn off your meter? Your main valve is located where your water supply enters the house, usually in a meter box near the curb in front of your house. Follow these instructions to turn it off: 

- Lift the cover with a large screwdriver.
- Follow the instructions in the diagram to turn off the water. Turning clockwise will turn the water off.
- If your meter is equipped with a handle, turn the handle a quarter turn to the right (clockwise), so that it is perpendicular to the box. This will turn off the water.
- Turning it counterclockwise while in the on position could destroy the valve. Do not attempt to turn the angle stop valve on the District (street side) of the meter.
- Drain all water from the system, including your hot water heater, if you must evacuate or if the weather is very cold.

 For an animated graphic and more information, please visit 

EVMWD is prepared for wind-related power shutoffs

Because of dangerous wind conditions, Southern California Edison (SCE) has called for a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) in fire-prone areas across the region.

SCE is proactively turning off power in some areas to reduce the threat of wildfire during the current Red Flag Warning issued by the National Weather Service. 


EVMWD is working closely with SCE and has measures in place to keep water flowing if electricity is shut down. We will utilize power generators to operate wells and pumps, maintain fire flow and operate the treatment plant.

In the event of a PSPS, we ask that customers temporarily turn off outside irrigation and limit indoor water use, so that water is available for sanitation and firefighting efforts. Customers should also have an emergency, three-day supply of drinking water on hand. 


Storms and possible debris flows

Due to the recent Holy Fire in the Cleveland National Forest, our mountains are now bare of vegetation and we are at risk of being in a debris flood zone. The County of Riverside and the City of Lake Elsinore are reminding all residents in or near burn areas to be vigilant and prepared to evacuate if public safety officials determine evacuations are necessary. Flooding, mud flows and debris flows can happen at any time.

Be prepared! Follow these important links to Debris Flow information

Rivco Ready/ Riverside County Emergency Management Department
City of Lake Elsinore: Holy Fire Debris Flow Information/ Sandbags (951) 674-3124
Free Sandbags: City of Murrieta
Sandbag Information- City of Canyon Lake: (951) 244-2955
Free Sandbags: City of Wildomar (951) 677-7751
Free Sandbags: County of Riverside : Sandbag and sand locations
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Alert Riv Co: Evacuation Alerts
NOAA Weather Site
FEMA El Niño Resource

If you are experiencing an interruption in water service or notice a broken water pipe, please contact EVMWD at (951) 674-3146 for emergency assistance.