Rates & Fees

All rates and fees are approved by the District's 5-member, publicly elected Board of Directors.

All information appearing on this page is for informational purposes only. Every attempt is made to continually update information on this page; however, it may sometimes be out of date. The District's rate, fees and policies are documented in the District's Administrative Code, which are voted on by a publicly elected Board of Directors.

FY 2018/2019 Rates and Fees

FY 2019/2020 Proposed Rates and Fees

Miscellaneous Fees, Charges & Fines

EVMWD Water Rate Study (2019)

EVMWD Sewer Rate Study (2017)

Handout: About your water and sewer rates

The following documents, which are part of the District's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), compare monthly rates for water and sewer service for the District and other local agencies.

Water Rate Comparison

Sewer Rate Comparison

Water Rates

  The District is divided into 2 district divisions for the purposes of billing water:

• Elsinore Water Division

• Temescal Water Division

 Each division includes residential, commercial and landscape irrigation customers all of which are billed different rates.  Click here for current approved water rates and drought surcharges, click here.

Residential and Landscape Irrigation customers are billed on a water budget based block rate program in order to promote conservation among rate payers. Residential customers have an indoor water budget based on the number of residents in the home and an outdoor water budget that is based upon the irrigated landscape area square footage for their property, evapotranspiration rates and landscape water needs.  

All residential customers are automatically defaulted to 4 persons per household. If a customer needs to add persons to the household or requires additional square footage for their irrigated landscape area, they will need to submit a Water Budget Variance form. The District requires 30 days to process the form and any changes will not be retroactively applied.

All water is billed in units of a hundred cubic feet, called CCF, which is equal to 748 gallons.

Power zone
Directly related to the amount of water a property consumes is the Power Zone charge. This charge is for the energy required to pump water to an elevation that is approate to server your home.

Service Charge
Every property served by the District is also charged a service charge, or fixed meter charge. This charge covers the cost of maintaining meters, processing bills, posting payments and repairing water mains. The charge is prorated daily based on a 30 day charge. The charge applies to all accounts, regardless of water usage.
and . A majority of the District's customers are in the Elsinore division. Each division includes residential, commercial and landscape irrigation customers; all of which are billed at different rates.

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Sewer Rates

EVMWD is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable sewer service to the communities we serve. The sewer rates the District charges are developed to reflect the true cost of providing service and ensure the same level of service in the future.

EVMWD customers previously paid a flat (fixed) rate for sewer service, which doesn’t account for the impacts that households have on the sewer system. The most significant impact comes from the number of people living in each home.

To more accurately reflect the costs of providing sewer service, EVMWD’s Board of Directors adopted a variable residential rate structure based on the actual number of people living in a home. The variable charge will cover the cost of collecting and transporting sewage to the treatment plant, chemical supplies and disposal.

Under this new structure, bills are based on the number of people in the home, multiplied by the variable charge, and adding the total to the new lower fixed rate.
Learn more about variable sewer!

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 Miscellaneous Fees, Charges & Fines



Service Set-up Charge (w/ minimum 24-hour advanced notice)


Service Set-up Charge (Same Day, calling before 2:30 pm)


Service Set-up Charge (Same Day, calling after 2:30 pm)


Residential Deposits:

Water AND Sewer Service

Depends on credit check results.

Low - Deposit Waived
Medium -  $150
High - $250

Water OR Sewer Service Only

Depends on credit check results.

Low - Deposit Waived
Medium -  $100
High - $200

Delinquent Charge, Monthly Bill Accounts

$5.00 or 5%

After-hours Service Restoral Charge (This is not available for customers that have been interrupted due to non-payment and are making payment after 2:30. These customers must wait till the following business day to have service restored.)


Returned Check Charge


Returned Credit Card Charge


Service Reconnection Fee


Meter Accuracy Test Deposit, To Be Paid Prior To Test


Illegal Hydrant/Wharfhead Use


Damaged AM Stop Charge


Damaged Meter Charge


Straight-line/ Meter By-pass Fine


Unauthorized Use Fine


Blocked Access Fine


Meter Lock Removal, 1st Occurrence


Meter Lock Removal, More Than 1 Occurrence


Involuntary Meter Removal Charge (After 2nd cut lock)


Illegal Sewer Hook-up














































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