Advanced Meters

In an effort to improve water resource management and customer service, EVMWD is modernizing its water system! Over the next two years, EVMWD will implement the Advanced Meter project, which involves the installation a state-of-the-art metering device for residential and commercial water customers. The Advanced Meter technology gives customers the tools to easily detect water leaks, view hourly water use in the home, and receive water use alerts by e-mail, text, or phone call.

An Advanced Meter technology consists of a low powered communication device that’s added to your water meter. The Advanced Meter device transmits hourly water use information to EVMWD’s Customer Service Center, over a secure communication network. Your water use is still measured the same way it is today, but now you can see your water use in near real time.

Customer will receive notice by mail when the Advanced Meter communication device will be installed at their residence or business. Any questions? view our video below and read more on the publications noted at the bottom of this page.

Video: How To Use the AquaHawk Alerting System to review your advanced meter information

Advanced Meter device FAQs
Advanced Meter device FAQs - Spanish

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For more details regarding the policies related to the installation of Advanced Meters, please review Section 3207 of EVMWD’s Administrative Code.