Conservation During Winter

Water conservation is no longer an emergency response to drought. It is a way of life across California, where water is needed to accommodate our growing economy and population and sustain us in longer and more severe dry periods that accompany climate change.Though winter weather is unpredictable, the time to conserve is now. Whether Southern California faces a warmer drier winter or wet winter storms, it is up to all of us to conserve for the future.

Preparing for a DRY WINTER season:

Southern California has faced one of the hottest and driest seasons on record. If weather continues to start warm and dry into the winter and local water supplies continue to decrease, EVMWD may consider implementing stricter conservation measures for our region. EVMWD is asking customers to continue to practice water saving measures to help sustain supplies for the upcoming year. Customers can observe the permanent water use restrictions as mandated by the Governor and follow EVMWD’s Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions.

Preparing for a WET WINTER season:

Rain doesn’t mean that water conservation stops, in fact it’s an opportunity to save more water. Remember to turn off your sprinklers when it rains and observe the water restrictions listed below to ensure supplies for the future.

One year of rainfall will not replenish water reserves from years of severe drought. Many of our local reservoirs rely on storms to bring much needed water, including EVMWD’s local water supply in Canyon Lake and deep underground in our aquifers. These water sources supply nearly 35 percent of EVMWD’s total water supply. An average year of rainfall will not replenish these sources completely, so conservation measures are a must to protect our local water supplies.