Careers in the Water Industry

EVMWD’s Career Pathways Unit is a program that focuses on increasing awareness of careers in the water industry. Many generations of water employees will be retiring over the next several years and EVMWD has recognized the void that will follow these retirements. To help fill these openings, EVMWD has focused on bringing attention to careers in the water industry through these presentations and career fairs.

Presentations are geared for 6th-12th graders to highlight opportunities in the field of water for people with all ranges of experience, interest, and education. This program also highlights the importance of and growing need for providing water and sewer services. Presentations are provided in-class, assembly style, and even incorporated into facility tours. Schools can also request EVMWD staff to attend career fairs where EVMWD will provide career handouts and conservation related giveaways.

To schedule your presentation or career fair today call 951-674-3146 x8248.