Engineering and Operations Committee

The Engineering and Operations Committee reviews and directs staff on matters of design, construction, replacement, maintenance and operation of the District’s facilities, property and equipment, including: development and administration of the Capital Improvement Program; right of way acquisition and management; system and facility security; water quality; and other matters relating to facility operations.
Legislation, Conservation and Outreach Committee
The Legislation, Conservation, and Outreach Committee is responsible for community and governmental matters including: review and monitoring of legislation, lobbying and intergovernmental relations; review of the Legislative and Community Relations budgets; community relations; media relations; water conservation and education programs; organizational donations; and other matters of public interest. 
Finance & Administration Committee
The Finance & Administration is responsible for overseeing administrative and financial matters including: rates, charges and other sources of revenue; review of staffing and administration budgets; audit; investments; human resources; employer-employee relations; insurance, information technology, risk management; and other matters of general business operation for the District.
Water Planning Committee

The Water Planning Committee reviews water planning efforts and local supply development including: water demand and supply planning; shortage allocation planning; shortage allocation programs and policies water supply forecasting and reporting; water reclamation; groundwater and conjunctive use; local surface water; environmental management; and other planning matters, with the goal to provide dependable sources and distribution of water within our policy and guidelines.